### (Pronounced Pound Pound Pound) is a new Producer/DJ Duo hailing from Indiana. A friendship and a mutual love of music is the true driving force behind their quick success. Quickly gathering an impressive following of 8,000+ on Twitter 1500+ on Soundcloud, they show no signs of slowing down. With the original idea of releasing one dubstep and one electrohouse mix a month, they decided to add a Moombahton mix to the formula. Their Lion King remix “SIMBA” gained quickly became a blog favorite on the web, and was debuted in Chicago. They are no strangers to performing live and have opened for acts such as Ghosthouse, Cenob1te, and Midnight Conspiracy . Throughout scheduling performances in Chicago, Pittsburgh, L.A. and Indianapolis, they have begun work on their Debut EP which will be released this summer, Incorporating everything you love in EDM, this is not an act to be missed in 2014. Are you down to pound? #DTP