Sons of Satin

In 2012, Sons of Satin started out as a little side project for Rusty B. from the All Good Funk Alliance to work on some “Bass” music with a couple of producer friends in DC, while Frank his partner was at Burning Man. He completed an EP in a week with the help of some good friends and dropped an EP on Soundcloud. When Burning Man came around in 2013, Rusty B. got together with Steve Raskin of Fort Knox Five fame and they came up with some booty house style tracks that were inspired by Trap, Dirty Bird, Twerk and Miami Bass for this years EP. They sent it over to Rad Summer and the result was the Fresh Booty Drops EP. Now, feeling inspired to do more work the Sons of Satin is alive and pumping out dirty bass jams that are focused on moving booties all over the world.