Knife Fight

Ephraim Cuellar aka Knife Fight has been carving his way through the Chicago night life scene since 2009 with sharp free form sets that include everything from the tropical sounds of Latin house and moombahton to heavy bass and hip-hop. In that sliver of time, Knife Fight has shared bills at Wicker Park Fest 2011, […]

The Sleepers

Formed in 2011 by two long time friends, Tom and Dan have been playing in bands around Chicago and the US for years. They turned their attention to producing electronic music after Dan found success as a DJ and co-founder of the weekly Monday night free for all Porn and Chicken. The duo have been […]

Gold Metal

Gold Metal is the latest project from Scott Matelic and Jay McElfresh. Indiana natives who now reside in Brooklyn, the duo first collaborated in the hip hop group A-Grav Lab in the late 1990s. Matelic went on to create his hip hop instrumental magnum opus, Primitive Pessimist, released on Japanese Label Tri-Eight music in 2002. […]

Action Jackson

Indianapolis born and raised, Action Jackson has been a mainstay in the Midwest DJ scene for over a decade, playing well over 200 shows in 2016. Specializing in genre bending mixes that span multiple styles of music, he is equally comfortable spinning rap, EDM, indie rock, classics and everything in between. His frequent production collaborations […]

Charlie Glitch

Carlos Rodriguez, known to many as Charlie Glitch, is a Chicago entrepreneur who infuses his experimental style into all of his many endeavors. Born in Chicago, IL on August 18th, 1987 Charlie Glitch’s early beginnings stem from playing in church and performing at local neighborhood events. The oldest child of 5, Charlie’s large family remains […]


The jFET Project began in early 2011 by Producer / DJ “Jangatha.” After over 50 house music releases on some of the most respected labels in both digital and vinyl format, the need to seek fresh sounds was instilled and inspired by the edgy bass music arena. The focus is rather simple, to push fresh […]

Sirius Blvck

Since his 2007 debut as the frontman for Indian City Weather, Sirius Blvck has been leaving his mark on the Indianapolis music scene as one of the city’s premier emcees. With Indiana City Weather, Sirius released two album that blended the group’s diverse backgrounds in hip-hop, funk, and rock. In 2012, Sirius released his debut solo mixtape titled Smoke in the Trees, which was followed by the first two of three albums with producer Bones of Ghosts.

John Stamps

John Stamps has been making his presence felt locally in the Indianapolis hip-hop scene while continuing to tour other US cities to broaden his growing fan base. He has branched out in states such as Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, New Orleans, Kansas and many more. His most recent release ‘Naked Lunch’, dropped last July. Musical Family […]


Topi Paananen aka Somepoe has been active for sometime now in Finland’s bass music scene. Running the popular club night and radio show Fire In The City has provided the young producer/DJ with the perfect platform to present his unique ear for interesting samples, trap drums, and bass. Topi can often be found rocking crowds […]

Jarrett Michael

Since dropping his debut “Heaven Bouquet” in 2011, Jarrett Adams aka Jarrett Michael has made a name for himself as one of hip-hop’s fastest rising raconteurs. Jarrett’s upbringing and education made him a uniquely capable storyteller. The Marion, Indiana native was raised in his father’s church where he was immersed in the narratives of the […]


Dorsh Deans, better known simply as Dorsh, has spent his entire life traveling the globe and developing a keen understanding of culture and music. Born in America to parents of Jamaican and English descent, Dorsh was exposed at an early age to several sounds not found on Top 40 radio. As he began traveling abroad […]

Oreo Jones

Who is Oreo Jones? During the spring of 2010, Oreo Jones took the hip-hop and indie music scenes of Indianapolis by storm with the release of his Delicious EP. The Delicious EP was led by the success of his single “Good Times” which has been featured on several national music blogs and charted up to […]

Sons of Satin

In 2012, Sons of Satin started out as a little side project for Rusty B. from the All Good Funk Alliance to work on some “Bass” music with a couple of producer friends in DC, while Frank his partner was at Burning Man. He completed an EP in a week with the help of some […]


Alan Cormode, better known as Kinrade, hails from the UK’s musical hotspot of Manchester. With a strong focus on music with heart & soul, his humble productions show depth and thought.After starting out, playing records in the early 90ís, it wasn’t until 2009 when Kinrade won DJ Magazines double whammy. Winning the publications Raw Talent […]


We are an up and coming Texas based production duo recently exploring new ideas in trap music. We incorporate live guitar-playing into our productions along with deep subs, gritty tones and unique melodies. The TimeSquared sound is all about not having any restrictions and creating works that stay true to us. We continue to push […]

Bangs Nicely

Bangs Nicely is the universe’s formation of star dust in order to create emotionally trippy space cadet music. Born in Indianapolis and raised with his eyes to the sky, Bangs Nicely uses the sonic palette of everyday urban life to create a theatrical score of thoughtful downtempo bass music brimming with emotion and open for […]

Business Casual

Hailing from Indianapolis, the production duo Business Casual has been hard at work bringing a fresh perspective to electronic dance music. Giving bass music an injection of funk and soul, Business Casual works to bring you an energetic sound that is never formulaic.

Filthy Disco

Despite Connor Corcoran aka Filthy Disco recently emerging on the EDM scene, the young Boulder, CO based DJ/producer has quickly established himself as a must hear artist. Reflecting his performance name, Filthy Disco’s productions are known for their sub heavy bass frequencies, groovy drum patterns, and complex synthesizer design; his live performances are as equally […]


### (Pronounced Pound Pound Pound) is a new Producer/DJ Duo hailing from Indiana. A friendship and a mutual love of music is the true driving force behind their quick success. Quickly gathering an impressive following of 8,000+ on Twitter 1500+ on Soundcloud, they show no signs of slowing down. With the original idea of releasing […]


Flufftronix is a Chicago-born, Philadelphia-based DJ, producer and party starter. A master of contrasts—counting both Lil Jon and Alexander Wang amongst his fans—Fluff is just as adept at dispensing face-crushing soulmelters as he is at serving up sensual luvstep grooves. Operating out of Philly since 2008, Fluff’s been gaining more and more attention lately for […]

Dave Owen

With more support and upcoming collaborations than can be mentioned, Dave Owen is quickly becoming one of the brightest stars in drum-n-bass; just go ask LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Fabio or Bailey, whom all drop Dave’s tunes on the regular. The young producer’s style blends hip-hop and old soul samples w/ crisp drums to create a […]


Rx, a Philadelphia-born, Brooklyn-based DJ, mixes inspiration from the underground of his hometown and the global scenes of New York, London, Detroit, and Kingston. In his deep and atmospheric cuts, or his high-energy bangers, Rx blends elements of dub, dubstep, hip hop, and techno, bringing quality, forward-thinking music to sound systems worldwide. In 2009, the […]

Shy Guy Says

SHY GUY SAYS is an electronic music producer and performer straight from the Mushroom Kingdom, an 8bit villain ready to destroy any party at any time and somehow leave his victims wanting more. His eclectic, yet upbeat and danceable sound can best be described as a mixture of Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Electro, Down-tempo, Dubstep, […]

Party Lines

Party Lines is a dance rock band based out of Fountain Square in Indianapolis that falls somewhere on the sonic spectrum between Jamiroquai and Chromeo. Started as a duo between front man Jerred Lowe and producer Aaron Hogan, the band now includes up to 9 members for performances including Jerred on guitar and vocals, Aaron […]

Lemi Vice

Over the past decade, Lemi Vice has established himself as respected musician throughout the Midwest. Never one to settle into a single style of music, Lemi instead chooses to draw from his experiences from “dark clubs, and science fiction films.” This allows him to transition between nearly every genre and progression in bass music. With […]

K. Sabroso

Ay Que Rico! Que Sabroso! Sutiweyu Sandoval began his musical journey on the dance floor, studying the science of beats and breaks while earning his stripes as a b-boy. In 2009 Sandoval decided to focus his attention on music, both as a DJ and producer. Looking to his Central American heritage, Sandoval reinvented himself as […]


Limelight (aka Courtney Xavier) is more than just a DJ. He’s an artist, an architect, a cultural engineer of sorts. You have a favorite DJ? That’s cool. Limelight’s better. He knows exactly what you want to hear before you hear it, so in a way, he’s clairvoyant too. Yeah, he’s done parties. Big crowds. Small […]

DJ Shiftee

New York City’s Shiftee has translated his intuitive math geek mentality into far-reaching success on the turntables, electrifying crowds from NYC to London to Hong Kong. With a degree from Harvard, 2 unique DMC World Champion titles, an NYU adjunct professorship, a finger on the pulse of bass music, and an ongoinginternational tour schedule, this […]


A fresh resident of Chicago, Colin Rebey better known as PHENOM has hit the ground running. In just less than a yearl, Rebey has moved quickly in establishing residencies at some of the most highly populated clubs in Wicker Park, Wrigleyville, and downtown. He currently maintains 5 weekly residencies playing all genres and fulfilling the […]

Andy D

If vikings time-traveled to the 80s, took semen samples from Grandmaster Flash, Beastie Boys, Michael Jackson, Prince and Poison, came back to the present, inseminated Peaches, and then brought her to the future to have the baby and have it raised by breakdancing robot wolves, you might end up with Andy D. Andy D is a hurricane […]