Jarrett Michael – can YOU love me…

New visual from Jarrett Michael directed by Nicky Parry

Sirius Blvck – me, myself, and all my friends

In his new video for “Me, Myself, And All My Friends,” he mobs around the streets with his posse.

Oreo Jones – Chapter One: Goldust

“Goldust” is the woozy opening track of the release and really sets the tone for the unexpected twists and turns experienced throughout. It also happens to be the soundtrack to the first chapter and video in a mini-series.  

John Stamps – G Baby

John Stamps drops the visuals for his lead single “G Baby” from his Rad Summer debut Green Eggs and Yam! The track features production from KNAGS, and the video was directed by Joey Ehrgott.

Bangs Nicely – The Sun Goes Down

Bangs Nicely drops the self-directed visuals for his new single “The Sun Goes Down”.

SIRIUS BLVCK – The Motions

New visuals for “The Motions” from Sirius Blvck and Sam Miro.

SIRIUS BLVCK – Backwoods

Sirius and Sam Miro link for the third video of Light in the Attic, “Backwoods”. Sit back, watch, and get lit!

Oreo Jones – Fhloston Paradise

“Fhloston Paradise” is OJ’s ode to Naptown, inspired by the interstellar vacation destination from the Fifth Element. The video for “Fhloston Paradise” finds Oreo connecting with frequent collaborator and direct of Let’s Do Lunch Nate Karamanski.

SIRIUS BLVCK – Tribe Quest ft. Oreo Jones and DMA

Sirius Blvck turns out the second video from this album Light in the Attic featuring Oreo Jones and DMA. Visuals are by Sam Mirpoorian.

SIRIUS BLVCK – Yung Vultures

Sirius Blvck makes his Rad Summer debut with “Yung Vultures”, the lead single from his album Light in the Attic. The track was produced by his frequent collaborator Bones of Ghosts and engineered by Matt Riefler. Visuals are by Sam Mirpoorian.

Andy D – Paint It Gold

Our favorite party-in-a-pair-of-Zubaz, Andy D, returns with a new video for his last single from his 2013 release WarCries. Andy D gets tropical and romantic with his latest love song, Paint It Gold.

Lemi Vice x Action Jackson – #SWISH

Lemi Vice and Action Jackson flip the soundscape of a basketball court into their new twerk & moombahton influenced single, #Swish.

Andy D – Now I Can Dance

The one and only Andy D has a new video for his song “Now I Can Dance.” The track appears on his latest LP, WarCries. Like most of his creative endeavors, the video is laced with his unique, energetic humor as he transforms a dance studio into his own little playground of fun. Yes, that is a Nintendo Power Glove with a mic attached.

Andy D – Out of the Wastelands

Andy D’s furry friends go on an epic space adventure in the visual to one of the instrumental tracks on his album “Warcries”!

Oreo Jones x DMA – Dream Babe

Oreo and DMA spin a tale about obsession over a failed relationship with their song “Dream Babe”.

Oreo Jones x DMA – Running ft. Azieb Abraha

Oreo Jones and DMA link up for the follow up to their legendary single “The John Wayne” with their new release Highway Hypnosis.

Andy D – Nasty

It is truly hard to believe that Andy D could be any raunchier, but he ratchets it up a notch in his new video, “Nasty” featuring cameos by Nightbeast & Oreo Jones!

The Sleepers – Open the Airlock ft. Kimber Leigh

The Sleepers provide visuals to their epic track with scenes shot at their weekly Porn and Chicken in Chicago!

Andy D – Hey Tina (Pick Up the Phone)

Andy D’s final video from full length, “Songs in the Key of Magic.” Featuring Anna Vision and directed and edited by Nathan Erdel.

Oreo Jones – No Coast ft. J-hex

Oreo Jones debuted his new music video featuring Jilly from We Are Hex and directed by Boss L of Phantom of Power on VICE!

Party Lines – Hot to the Touch

On the heels of the success of their debut single “Hot to the Touch”, Party Lines presents to the world their self-directed music video!

Indy PBR presents: Oreo Jones – Needy ft. Freddie Bunz

Oreo Jones connects with Indy PBR, Freddie Bunz, and Digital Rabbit Productions to launch the first music video from his debut album Betty!

Lemi Vice x Knife Fight – Gorilla Revolution

Lemi Vice and Knife Fight collaborate with director Colin Boyll for the visuals to “Gorilla Revolution”!

Black Fabio (Oreo Jones x Action Jackson) – Reggie Miller ft. Toni Royale

Black Fabio’s “Reggie Miller” is brought to life by Digital Rabbit Productions!

Andy D – Playground

Rad Summer is proud to announce the signing of Andy D with the debut of his new music video “Playground”!

Dorsh – Alias

Dorsh continues his collaboration with director Jace to provide the visual side of Neopolitan with release of the video for “Alias”!:

Oreo Jones – Good Times

For the 2 year anniversary of The Delicious EP, Oreo Jones and director Jace transform Oreo’s Super Bowl performance at Sun King Brewery into a music video for “Good Times”.

Oreo Jones x Action Jackson – Black Fabio

Black Fabio Official Music Video starring Action Jackson and Oreo Jones! Music video produced by Digital Rabbit. #representindy

DMA x Oreo Jones – The John Wayne

“The John Wayne” is Oreo’s coming of age story as told over the psychedelic, organic production from DMA. Co-directed by Lisa Berlin and Grey Granite, the visuals for “The John Wayne” are a small taste of the antics that these two musicians intend to cause on their pilgrimage to Austin, TX.

Love Tips from Black Fabio #9

With gems like these, #BlackFabio could be your dad.