NEW RELEASE: TimeSquared – Vibez (RS041)


TimeSquared returns for their third EP on Rad Summer with a two track release of reggae fueled rhythms.

It has been nearly a year since TimeSquared’s last release on Rad Summer, but the duo from Austin, Texas is back with a new 2 track project.  Vibez finds the duo taking cues from various reggae stylings and infusing it with their signature snappy 808s and live guitar programming.  The A side “Muffin Riddim” has an upfront sound that compels the listener to move their feet, while the B side “Dabble Doo” grooves along with a strong dubby feel.  For fans of futuristic dub music or EDM, this is another must have for your collection from TimeSquared and Rad Summer.

TimeSquared are an up and coming Texas based production duo recently exploring new ideas in trap music. They incorporate live guitar-playing into their productions along with deep subs, gritty tones and unique melodies. The TimeSquared sound is all about not having any restrictions and creating works that stay true to their vision. They continue to push the boundaries of electronic music with their unconventional approach to song writing. TimeSquared feel that sometimes music now days is viewed far too seriously so they like to mix it up with their humorous personalities.

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